The Studio

My first stacking ring

Every winter, the southern edge of Lake Michigan undergoes a drastic change. Not only do the summer beach visitors disappear as the temperatures drop, but the cold winds turn the water to ice, and a relative silence falls across the empty stretches of snow.

Lake Michigan’s shore is currently covered with shelf ice, blocking all access to beach glass until a strong thaw begins. Though I have a huge stockpile of glass, I sometimes work with other materials. This is the story of one of those times…

You may not know that I am about to finish graduate school (finally!). I wanted to buy myself a ring to commemorate this accomplishment, so I began my search on Etsy. I knew that I wanted silver and a gemstone, but had no idea where that would lead me.

Eventually, stacker rings caught my attention. I like to have options, and the idea of mixing and matching rings really appealed to me. Some artists had affordable prices, but since I wanted so many, I decided it was time to pick up the long-neglected torch and learn to make them! I ordered supplies, and a few days later I began to play.

This is my first attempt – it’s a 5mm moonstone in a prefabricated silver-plated bezel. I made the band from 18 gauge sterling wire. I’m very happy with it, and have made a few more. Soon they’ll be listed for sale in my Etsy store!


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