Angels everywhere!

I began making these angels a few years ago, and they’ve quickly surpassed the jellyfish as the best seller in my Etsy shop. My mama has always loved angels, so the first few were Christmas presents for her.


Wire wrapped sea glass angels

Wire wrapped sea glass angel ornaments

The design has changed (though I still offer more than one style), they come in copper and silver, always contain genuine sea glass, and there are a variety of sizes available.


Teeny tiny 1 inch angels would make great necklace pendants, while the 2 1/2 inch size would be large enough to notice as they sparkle on a Christmas tree.

I adore hearing from my customers who the angels are being given to, and if they’re going to travel along on a journey as a guardian angel 🙂 One lady let me know that she was purchasing a sea glass angel to go with her granddaughter on an extended trip to Bali!


Wire wrapped sea glass angel ornaments

Sea glass angel collection

Find your favorite size and style, or grab some wire and pliers and try making your own version! By March of 2018, I’ll have PDFs of ornament making instructions for sale in my Etsy shop. So if you need a bit of guidance, check back here in a few months, or sign up to be added to my email newsletter (which often includes new product info, beach glass hunting tips, design ideas and coupons). Sign up today at



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