Irish Treasures

“Greystones has a rocky beach, so you may be able to find sea glass there.” <–The moment the owner of the AirBnB apartment uttered those words, my hopes of finding sea glass in Ireland rose and I wanted to immediately jump on a train and head out of Dublin!

Irish Coastline

The Irish shoreline, as seen from the train.

Two days later we were on the train, ready for an adventure. We chose the train route that hugged the Irish coast, so I could stare at the sea as much as possible. When we arrived in Greystones, we admired the little town and quickly headed for the beach.

We found a tiny slice of beach…



A rocky beach in Greystones, Ireland

Rocky beach in Greystones, Ireland

….and it gave us a few pieces of glass

I was a very happy girl, but ready for more adventure! The Irish sun was shining, and I wanted to soak up every minute of it, and enjoy another treasure hunt.

Steps into the sea in Greystones, Ireland

Me at Greystones Beach

So we hopped back onto the train, to visit a rocky beach we’d seen on the trip down the shore.

Killiney Beach turned out to be a great spot for glass, meeting friendly people, and having a long walk along the crashing waves. We even found 3 pieces of blue sea glass!!!

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After our adventure (and a circuitous route back to the train station), we had hot cocoa and an espresso as we waited for our return train to Dublin’s center, and our ultra-cool apartment in Temple Bar.

To see the fun and funky stuff I create with sea glass, check out my Etsy shop and follow me on Facebook and Instagram!


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