Dreaming of the Summer Sun

One of the wonderful things about working with beach glass (especially glass that I’ve collected) is the constant reminder of happy days in the sun, on collecting adventures. As the (hopefully last) winter storm rages outside my window, I sort glass and plan new creations.

I like to think that each piece carries with it not only the history of its decades in the water, but also some of the essence of the day it was found: the happiness I felt when I first spotted it, or when my mom or a friend first saw it, the sound of gulls calling overhead, of waves lapping on the sand, gravel or rocks, and the sunshine. Oh, the sunshine…


Lake Michigan, on a bright August day

The summer sun brings with it ripe raspberries, the smell of elderberry flowers in the forest, and – on especially wonderful days – early morning trips to deserted stretches of beach.

This week I was reminded that I am not alone in my love of summer daydreams. A gorgeous pair of my Florida sea glass earrings was featured in a lovely blog. The blog was written by a woman in Chicago, who was inundated with snow from the same storm that visited me today. Join us in our beachy dreams by visiting her blog today!

With any luck I’ll have a snow day tomorrow. I’ll be working on more suncatchers!



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